Blake and Dana are two of my favorite people! I can proudly say I’ve known Blake for 32 years - when he came into the world as my baby cousin! 

Blake has a huge heart and a true entrepreneurial spirit. His belief is that people want to help out others-they just need a simple and practical way to do so... so he created Purposity. Purpose+Generosity. Check out his website for more info on how you can help others in need in YOUR city!


Dana is my beautiful cousin in law who I love very much! She’s a great match for Blake, and lots of fun to be around. This is her first football season of rest and relaxation as she was a college cheerleader at UGA and then cheered for the Atlanta Falcons for the past four years! Dana is an audit manager at Warren Averett in Sandy Springs, Ga. 

To follow Blake on Twitter: @blakecanterbury

To follow Dana: @danalynnluker