The Wright Family in Cleveland, TN

I got the opportunity to spend the weekend in Cleveland, TN with my younger sister and her family. It was REALLY cold, so we nixed our plans for a trip to the Chattanooga Walking Bridge and instead opted for a family photo shoot inside their new house with lots of laid back, lifestyle shots! Their house has GREAT natural light, which made my job easier and we had lots of fun.

This is a very special family. They have one biological son, Grayson, one adopted daughter, Mia, and they are in the process of adopting Emily, the oldest! They have opened their hearts and home many times throughout the years when children needed a safe place to stay. 

They'll be the first to tell you adoption isn't an easy journey, but a very rewarding one. We encourage you to explore if foster care and/or adoption is right for you! Check out to learn more.