Sleeklens Review

Recently, Sleeklens reached out to me and asked me to try out and review their photo editing tools. They have actions/presets/brushes for LightRoom and PhotoShop. I mainly use LightRoom, so I am specifically reviewing those workflows, specifically for portrait photography. The package is called "Strike A Pose Portrait Workflow."

First of all, I was surprised at the number of options you get. I have purchased other presets that were much more expensive where you get MUCH less for your money. Sleeklens gives you 70 different presets to choose from and 63 brushes (if I counted correctly!) 

The presets let you increase/decrease exposure, highlights, shadows, etc. with just one click, as well as decrease specific color tones in one click. There are also "all in one" presets that can completely change the look of a photo in many ways with just one click. 

As far as brushes, you can fix skin tones, textures, add makeup, enhance eyes, etc. with easy to use brushes. Literally anything you'd need to do to fix a portrait can be accomplished with these brushes! If you'd like to up your portrait editing game, I recommend checking out these Sleeklens gems! Check out these links and see tutorials on how to use them, where to buy them and their Pinterest page. I included some before and after photos of mine below as well.