Birthday party at Da Vinci's Donuts in Alpharetta, GA

Yesterday I photographed a birthday party at Da Vinci's Donuts in Alpharetta, GA. I had no idea you could have a birthday party in a donut shop!! They did a GREAT job with it and every kid there had a blast. They closed to the public at 4PM,  put a "Private Party" sign on the door, and the party began!

First of all, you get to eat DONUTS during the party- kids AND adults! Win! They also offered the adults complimentary coffee! The first activity was a donut picture with stickers so the kids could decorate their own paper donut. Next, they passed out a little chalkboard and chalk to each child, and a guy led the kids in a drawing activity. He taught the kids how to draw little animals step by step. Very creative and kept the children entertained!

After the two art activities, they collected each child's creations and boxed them up, labeling each box with a name. Then, it was donut decorating time! Each child got two donuts and an assortment of drizzles and toppings to create their delicious masterpieces! After devouring their donuts, it was game time!

The two employees who ran the party gathered the children in the hallway and a good 'ole game of Toss The Donut In The Bucket went down. The sugary goodness from the donut creations had kicked in at this point and the kids were happy to have a physical activity to let loose with! Prizes were handed out to all the participants after that, leaving smiles on all the cute little faces :) :) :)

Next, the donut cake was brought out with a candle for the birthday girl. After the singing of the birthday song and the blowing out of the candle, the contents of the "cake" were boxed up for the birthday girl and her family to enjoy later!

To end the fun event, the kids were invited to draw and color all over the gigantic chalk board wall! They had a blast with this and didn't want to leave when the party was over! I was highly impressed with the party. Da Vinci's did an excellent job keeping the kids entertained and the party moving for a whole hour and a half. The two staff members who were in charge were great with kids and parents alike, and made sure everyone left happy! They have locations in Alpharetta, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs. Check out their website HERE! 

Aaron Grijlava

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