Hemlock Falls Trail | Moccasin Creek State Park | Rabun County, GA

Hemlock Falls Trail is a 2 mile hike that follows alongside Moccasin Creek to a beautiful waterfall. It is located on the west side of Lake Burton, right next to Moccasin Creek State Park. It has a Clarksville address but is equally as close to Clayton from the east and Hiawasee from the north.

It is heavily wooded and shaded, which feels so nice on a summer day. If there has been rain recently, expect a muddy, wet trek to the waterfall. Investing in a good pair of hiking sandals that you can get muddy and wet is great for trails like this! 

This hike is really beautiful and not very hard. I want to go back soon and take my 7 and 5 year old children. They will love it! There are beautiful trees and plants surrounding the trail- I felt like I was in a fairy tale at times! We waded in the water near the waterfall and it was chilly but refreshing! 

Aaron Grijlava

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