Greater Than Gatsby editing tools

The great folks at Greater than Gatsby reached out to me and asked if I would try out and review some of their editing tools. I edit with Lightroom, so I started looking into their presets for Lightroom.  ( If you edit with Photoshop, those actions can be found here. )


I tried out the Newborn Collection as well as the Darkroom Film Collection


The Newborn Collection includes 48 presets and 10 retouch brushes. There are easy, one click buttons to set the exposure and white balance exactly how you want it. You can also easily click options for lens correction, sharpening and vignette. Some people will find it easier to click these settings instead of adjusting them using the Lightroom sliders on the left. 

The brushes include a baby skin smoother, fill flash and even a lash enhancer! These could be used for other clients in addition to babies! Here is a photo of a newborn in which I only used the Greater Than Gatsby Newborn Collection. It turned out great!



With The Darkroom Film Presets you get 22 Artistic Film Presets as well as 10  Standard Film Presets. There are tutorials for these also, which is very helpful! Here is an example photo I edited using only the Darkroom Film presets. The one called "Clemens" is my favorite. After applying the preset, I increased the warmth and shadows to match my personal style.



Right now they are having a summer sale. 15% off all presets and actions with the code "summer15"

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