Christine in Miami

I met Christine about 7 years ago in Virginia. She joined my coed adult softball team and we became fast friends! We both have adventurous spirits and share a lot of the same interests including sports, being on the water, and an aversion to drama! We parted ways almost two years ago when she moved to Chicago and I moved to Georgia. We have stayed in touch and this past weekend met up in Miami for some sun and fun! 

Christine is witty, intelligent, independent, fun and beautiful. She's a loyal, low maintenance friend who I love having in my life! She works in finance as the Head of Operations for Goudy Park Capital in Chicago. I just wanted to share some photos of my amazing friend during our time in South Beach! (And yes, she's single... so if you're interested you can fill out an application that I'll evaluate to see if you're worthy to meet her ;) )